Golden Retriever FAQ

The Golden Retriever continually ranks as one of the top three favorite dog breeds around. Their bubbly attitude and friendly demeanor make them great companions and trustworthy friends. While many people have fallen in love with Golden Retrievers, what common questions come up when thinking about them? Today we look at frequently asked questions regarding […]

5 Ways to Safely Socialize Your Dog with Humans

Many people don’t think about how important it is to socialize their dog with people, but it is a key step to making a healthy and well-adjusted dog. Here’s how you can socialize your dog with people safely. 5 Tips for Safe Socialization with Humans Go for a Walk One of the most important and […]

What are the Best Child Friendly Dog Breeds?

Finding a dog for a family can be difficult. There are certain breeds that might not be a good fit. There are certain personalities or activity levels that might not work for your lifestyle. What are the best child friendly dog breeds? If you’re thinking about getting a new dog for your family, here’s what […]