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Why Do You Need a Pet Door?

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Having a pet door just makes sense. Why be inconvenienced by having to bring your dog out on a leash, when you could just let him take care of business on his own?

Freedom of Choice

When you have a dog door, your canine companion doesn’t have to wait on you to decide when they can head into the great outdoors. Dogs crave this freedom, and installing a dog door in your home allows them this luxury.

Promotes Exercise

Are you away from home most of the day? Don’t let your dog become a couch potato. If he or she is able to go outside and get some fresh air, they are likely to run around and get some much-needed exercise as well.

Why Choose eXtreme®?

When you buy an eXtreme® Pure Aluminum Dog Door, you gain everything and sacrifice nothing. Classic in appearance, our pet doors are safe, secure and affordable. Life is Better with Freedom!