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We at eXtreme® are proud to offer you our finest-quality dog door, constructed from pure Australian aluminum. Let’s take a moment to talk about why we selected the highest grade of aluminum available in the manufacturing of our superior pet doors.

The Extreme Strength of Aluminum

There is a reason the US Military and NASA uses aluminum in the construction of their vehicles and structures. Aluminum is capable of thriving in some of the harshest conditions imaginable. About 1/3 the weight of steel, this lightweight material is capable of being forged to be just as strong, if not stronger than some steel. Perhaps this is why aluminum is the material of choice in the manufacturing of shark cages.

Extremely Durable and Secure

Virtually indestructible, our best dog door is made from 100% pure Australian aluminum, so it goes without saying that it isn’t going to bend or break on you. Forged into a 6063-aluminum alloy, its thick frame provides superior endurance.

Our sturdy, easy-to-change dog door flaps require a key to be removed, so you won’t have to worry about the flap randomly falling off.

Available with a single or double flap, our DIY dog door contains a series of magnets that securely seal to keep wind and the elements from getting inside of your home.

Thanks to its included security panel, this locking dog door means that you are able to secure your dog door by simply sliding over the corner locks.


Our eXtreme® Pure Aluminum Dog Doors are available in a small dog door, medium dog door, large dog door, and extra-large dog door. This means that no matter how small or large your pooch may be, we have the right exterior door with dog door for you to choose from.


Your eXtreme® Pure Aluminum door with dog door built in is designed to last a lifetime.

We know that you have been on the market, looking for the best dog door around. Perhaps you have looked into getting a PetSafe dog door? If you have done your research, you have probably not heard good things about this brand of pet door. Neither have we. However, we took the complaints we commonly heard about other brands like PetSafe and used them to truly create something better, which is our eXtreme® Pure Aluminum Dog Door.

Wondering what we have to offer you? Here is the bottom line. We stand behind our dog door so strongly that we are willing to offer you a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on the frame of the door itself. In regards to the quality dog door flaps that come with our pet doors, they are easily replaceable when they become worn out from regular use.

What About the Competition?

Here is how we at eXtreme® feel about the competition. We believe our dog doors rise far above the rest, and we are truly in a class all of our own.

Let’s talk about their affordability. We don’t make our quality dog doors so expensive that they are out of reach of the average consumer. What’s the point of making something if only 1 percent of the population can afford to buy it? True quality doesn’t have to equal an overly expensive price tag.

The research and development that has gone into the creation of our eXtreme® Dog Door line was of the greatest amount of care and attention. We honed in on every detail during the perfection process and are more than pleased with the finished result.

Types of Dog Doors

Are you weighing your different options in regards to dog door installation? Some people look into getting a patio door with dog door. Others look into a dog door for sliding glass door. Some are thinking about getting an electronic dog door. While all of these are viable options, keeping things simple is usually the best option. Here is what I mean. Let’s say you spend big bucks and get an electronic dog door, and then it malfunctions. Isn’t your dog perfectly capable of opening the dog door himself? Just an opinion.

Why Have a Door with Dog Door?

Perhaps you have landed on this page and you are just considering installing a dog door. Are you merely contemplating the idea? Here is why having a dog door for your pets just makes sense.

Your dog craves freedom! Though I am sure that your dog does love to be by your side, your dog deserves the opportunity to be able to go outdoors and do his or her business whenever they need to. Think about it this way. Which would you like better, going to the restroom whenever you needed to, or having to beg someone to take you there each time? I’m sure I know the answer to that question.

Do you feel like you are always having to go and let your dog in and out of the house when you are in the middle of something important? Need a reminder? Perhaps the baby is crying, the phone is ringing or you have dinner cooking on the stove. Don’t you deserve the convenience of a dog door as well?

Freedom to relieve themselves isn’t the only plus to having a dog door. Your dog will have the opportunity to go outside and romp and play whenever they please. This means that they will be able to burn off some of that extra energy they may have pent up when you have had to leave them at home all day long when you went to work.

*As a side note, logically, if you are going to provide your dog with the freedom of a dog door, you will need to make sure that they are not going to escape the confines of your yard. You will either need to make sure you have a physical fence, or that your dogs are trained on an electric dog fence.

Another important bonus to having a dog door for your dog is that if there is any type of emergency in your home such as a fire, your canine friend can exit your home freely. If you are not home, this means having a dog door could save your dog’s life.

Now that we have talked about why having a dog door just makes sense, let’s touch upon how you can show your furry friend how to use one.

Training Your Dog to Use a Dog Door

The American Kennel Club gives the following instructions to help your canine companion use a dog door.

Your dog may not understand at first that he or she will need to nudge open the flap to go outdoors. The AKC recommends breaking down the training into a few small steps, so that you can turn it into something that is both fun and rewarding.

To begin, locate a friend or family member to assist. Next, tape your dog door flap into the open position, or remove the flap if you desire. Have your companion stay with your dog inside of your home, while you stay outdoors on the other side of the open dog door. Be sure to have plenty of yummy treats with you. Pieces of roast beef can work miracles.

Now, call your dog by his or her name. Because your dog is able to see you, he may just run through the opening into your loving arms. If this happens, give him lots of praise, and some tasty treats. Now, repeat the same process, this time with your friend. You can do this for a few times the first day, and then hold off for the time being. If you have more than one dog, see if one dog follows the other dog out the door on his own.

On the next day, follow the instructions from the beginning day, first with the flap open. Next, try the exercise with the flap closed. What you can do is have your guest that is helping you help out by poking the flap with their finger enough to show the dog that he is able to see outside if the flap is pushed.

Call the dog and if he doesn’t come right away, have your guest push open the flap until the dog can see you. Then, when the doggie has decided to come through the door, allow the flap to slowly come down over his or her back as they walk through the door. This is for two reasons. You want the dog to get used to the sound and feel of the flap, as well as teaching him that he needs to actually open up the door in order to go outside.

In no time, your dog should have this process figured out. It is a good idea to do this training right before your dog is ready to go out for a potty break. This is because he will begin to associate going out the dog door, with going outside to do his business.


Now that you know why you need a pet door, and how to train your dog to use one, what are you waiting for? Our eXtreme Pure Aluminum Dog Door will make the perfect addition to your home. Feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have. We area available 7 days a week at 1-800-531-3527.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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Why Do You Need a Pet Door?

Happy dog

Having a pet door just makes sense. Why be inconvenienced by having to bring your dog out on a leash, when you could just let him take care of business on his own?

Freedom of Choice

When you have a dog door, your canine companion doesn’t have to wait on you to decide when they can head into the great outdoors. Dogs crave this freedom, and installing a dog door in your home allows them this luxury.

Promotes Exercise

Are you away from home most of the day? Don’t let your dog become a couch potato. If he or she is able to go outside and get some fresh air, they are likely to run around and get some much-needed exercise as well.

Why Choose eXtreme®?

When you buy an eXtreme® Pure Aluminum Dog Door, you gain everything and sacrifice nothing. Classic in appearance, our pet doors are safe, secure and affordable. Life is Better with Freedom!