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Often, our extra large dogs need a little bit of extra exercise. Being outdoors with them is wonderful, but it would be nice if they could see themselves out. This is where the eXtreme Extra Large Dog Door comes in.

Extra large dog breeds need dog doors that are made for them and their size. eXtreme Dog Doors makes the perfect dog door for any breed, no matter what their size! Let your dog enjoy the freedom they want with an extra large dog door.

What to Look for In an Extra Large Dog Door?

When you install a pet door, you only want to do it one time. That’s what you get with eXtreme pet doors. We take the stress out of looking for a dog door by ensuring the two most essential parts of a dog door: robust construction and easy installation.

Quality Materials

Some companies make their dog doors out of cheap plastic. This can crack or break after extended use or time in the sun. eXtreme dog doors are framed with solidly built aluminum. Our doors will never crack in the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Our dog door flaps are made from polyolefin-based polymer, and it remains flexible even when the temperatures drop. Cheaply made flaps are prone to cracking in very cold conditions. This will never happen to our dog door flaps.

What If My Dog Has Never Used a Dog Door?

If your dog has never used a dog door before, it’s effortless to train them. Most dogs will be unsure at first, but once they realize the freedom they’ve been given, can be very excited.

Call your dog over to the dog door and show them that it opens. Most dogs will think the dog door is a window at first, so you have to show them that the dog door leads outside. See if your dog will put their head through. If they won’t, try to put a treat on the outside of the door.

Don’t try to force your dog through the door. This will likely cause undue anxiety to your pet and will undoubtedly slow their training.

Ease of Installation

Easy Installation

When using eXtreme dog doors, it’s easy to fit your exterior door with an extra large dog door. Installing an eXtreme Extra Large Dog Door only requires a few tools and can quickly be done in less than an hour. To install the dog door, you’ll need:

  • A pencil
  • Masking tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Construction silicone
  • Level
  • Drill with at least a ⅜” drill bit
  • Jab saw or electric jigsaw
  • Square
  • Clamps

We even have a Customer Care line if you run into trouble. Feel free to email us, check our online manuals, or call us at 1-800-531-3527.

Extra Large Dog Door FAQs

What are the extra large dog door dimensions?
The extra large dog door flap measures 14 1/8″ wide x 23 5/8″ high. The extra large aluminum dog door frame measures 17 5/8″ wide x 27 1/4″ high.
How are the extra large dog doors in extreme weather?
The outside elements are not a problem for these dog doors. Each flap has magnets that provide an excellent seal from the weather. Snow, rain, and wind stay outside while your pet can come in.
Our dual flap dog door also helps to insulate from the outdoor temperatures as well as double-pane glass. It makes the perfect extra large insulated dog door.
I’m looking for an extra large locking dog door. Does the eXtreme extra large dog door lock?
All our dog doors lock for security. When properly installed, our doors have a panel that slides and locks into place.
Can I install the extra large dog door by myself?
Yes, you can! We have very detailed instructions on our website that include pictures to help guide you through your installation.
Does the dog door come with any warranty?
All our dog doors come with a generous five-year warranty. We only ask that you complete the registration form on our website.
Give your dog the freedom and quality of life they deserve. An extra large dog door gives them the opportunities to play, use the bathroom, or get a fresh breath of air whenever they want!

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