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Large Dog Door

When it comes to finding the right large dog door, finding the right option can be challenging. At eXtreme Dog Door, we make the choice easy. If your dog loves the outdoors and you want them to have easy access to your yard without having to lift a finger, our eXtreme Dog Door is just what you’re looking for.

Your dog deserves the best, and that is exactly what you get with the eXtreme Dog Door.

What Makes a Quality Dog Door?

When looking for dog doors for large dogs, it’s essential to make a few considerations. You’ll want to be sure the dog door you purchase is strong enough to do the job but easy enough to install yourself.

Tough Materials

The large dog door by eXtreme Dog Door is made of only the best materials. We start with a sturdy aluminum frame. This can take both the weather outside and the sun’s UV rays without a problem.

Our large dog door flaps are made from polyolefin-based polymer. This makes our flaps non-toxic and recyclable. It also stays flexible even when it gets cold outside. Our door flaps have magnetic strips along the sides to help create an even firmer seal against outside air. Our doors have been tested to hold in 50 mph winds! The very best dog door for large dogs even comes with a five-year warranty. You can purchase with confidence from eXtreme Dog Door.

How to Train My Dog to Use a Dog Door?

If your dog has never used a dog door before, you may have to teach them how to use one. Many dogs see a dog door and think it’s some kind of window, so they won’t try to use it as a door. To get your pup started, you should open the door and call your dog over. Let them see that the dog door leads outside, but let them explore it at their own pace.

Never try to push your dog through the door. Forcing your dog into an unknown situation causes anxiety and slows their learning. If your dog still has difficulties going through the door, you can try placing a treat on the other side of the door and holding it open for them. They will soon see that the large dog pet door will allow them unlimited access to the outdoors.

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Not only are our large breed dog doors extra strong, but they are easy to install. Here are the only tools you’ll need to install your dog door:

  • A pencil
  • Masking tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Construction silicone
  • Level
  • Drill with at least a ⅜” drill bit
  • Jab saw or electric jigsaw
  • Square
  • Clamps

Our website has detailed installation information to help with your installation. If you do run into trouble, we’re here to help. Our Customer Care can be reached by email or phone at 1-800-531-3527.

Large Dog Door FAQs

How Big Is the Large Dog Door?
Our large dog door flaps measure 11 1/8″ wide x 16 3/8″ high while the overall frame of our pet doors for large dogs measures 14 1/4″ wide x 19 1/2″ high. Our large size is recommended for dogs up to 100 lbs.
Does the Large Dog Door Insulate?
Our large dog door seals your home from the outside elements. Our doors are not drafty like some other dog doors. If you purchase our two-flap dog door, it insulates as well as two-pane glass.
Should I Replace the Flap on My Dog Door Yearly?
We take pride in our extra large dog doors. Extreme weather is not a problem as our polyolefin-based polymer door flaps won’t crack in cold weather, and the magnetic seal holds in 50 mph winds. The dog door replacement flap in large should not have to be replaced each year. We offer a five-year warranty period for our dog doors, as well. You can trust the quality of eXtreme Dog Doors.
Can I Lock The eXtreme Large Dog Door?
Yes. When properly installed, the indoor section has a locking security panel. The added security means no unwanted guests can visit while you are away. Slide the security panel in place, and no one will be able to get in or out of the dog door.
Enhance your dog’s quality of life with an eXtreme weather dog door.

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