eXtreme Replacement Door Single Flap – XL

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  • Flap made from polyolefin-based polymer which is no-toxic, recyclable, and remains flexible in extreme cold!
  • Magnetic strips along the sides create a maximum seal. Tested in 50 mph winds!
  • Flexible & Safe. Dual pane design insulates like double pane glass.
  • Magnets seal at the bottom of the flap floating threshold.
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Having a new front door flap can really increase the curb appeal of a pup’s home. The Extreme Replacement Flap is a tinted single flap that has 2 sets of magnets along the sides and at the bottom to keep the door securely closed. Compatible with Extreme Dog Fence Pet Doors, our Extreme door flaps will keep your pet door securely closed again.

2 magnetic sealing flaps on both sides and also at the bottom provide even more energy efficiency by reinforcing the barrier that separates the weather outside from the temperature inside.

Flap / Entry Dimensions:

14 1/8″ Wide x 23 5/8″ High

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Flap Instructions

NEW Style Flap Instructions - English

Flap Instructions

OLD Style Flap Instructions - English

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 16 × 1 in
Flap Style

With Window (fits only OLD Styles), Without window (fits only NEW styles)

6 reviews for eXtreme Replacement Door Single Flap – XL

  1. Bradley Stewart (verified owner)

    Bought the replacement to help keep heat in as it is getting cooler. The replacement is worse than the one that was already in. It’s not long enough for the magnets to connect on the bottom or wide enough for both sides to connect. There s 1/8 inch gap running the entire length of the flap.

    • Lisa kimpel

      Hi Bradley,

      I do apologize that you are having that experience with your door. I would be happy to send you replacement flaps to try and solve your issue. If could just give us a call at 1-800-305-6116, one of our representatives will be able to get this taken care of for you.

  2. Kevin Drometer

    I was sent replacement flaps because my original ones broke free in a few short months. The new flaps appear to have gone through a re-design, and have reinforced metal strips at the top. They installed easy, fit perfect, and my dogs are back to wandering in/out as they please. Thanks to Jayne who worked through this issue with me. These folks stand behind their products and give great customer service.

  3. John CLark

    I love this dog door works great but flaps only last about 6 months

  4. K. Browning

    I am purchasing my second replacement flap, not because they are of poor quality but because the girls like to lay there and chew on them (even though they have everything possible to deter boredom). I have no complaints with the product, and have with purchasing the original door and prior replacement been very happy with the timeliness of shipping, and ease of replacing the flap. This is a good product.

  5. Stuart Grimes (verified owner)

    Bought a replacement as the original, which received a lot of traffic, lasted just about a year. The replacement flap has some improvements over the original design which makes me wonder if this is an acknowledgement that the previous design had some issues. The top part which attaches to the frame has now been strengthened which is where our previous flap failed. Also, the Philips head screws have now been replaced with hexagonal Allen head type screws. The width of the flap could be about 1/8″ of an inch wider as there is still a gap between the flap and frame, but for $20 I am happy as it seems to be better than the original. Hopefully, the next time I order a replacement it is about 1/8″ wider.

  6. Robert Rentzer

    Not sure this site is still being monitored budt need to praise this company.
    We have two 100 lb + Bernadoodles. One of the two had a bad experience and ceased going out.
    We had to train him all over again starting with no flap. He finally started going out again.Mad the mistake of putting in a full size flap and he reverted to not using the doggy door. So we started again with no flaps. Once he started going out we gave it a week and then cut a flap down at the bottom and at both sides so it did not fill the doggy door.what was lefdt wqs a flap equal to the siz for a small dog. AFter a day or so he began going in and out that way. We gave it two weeks and put in a big flap and he started using the doggy door again. Problem was that we have a dual flap door and we only had put in one flap to get him using it again. So we could did not have a second flap to put in. I wrote the company to ask about purchasing one extra large flap. I got no reply so I though they were not interested in responding. Boy was I wreong. Today we got a FedEx package and in it were two extra large flaps…
    at no charge !!!

    Thank you eXtreme

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