Dog Holiday Gift Ideas 2020

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s a great idea to start thinking about what gifts you’ll get for your closest friends and family. And while you’re checking your lists, be sure to get something for your dog! We’ve put together this list of great holiday gift ideas for your dog to help you spoil them this holiday season.

Dog Gift Ideas

While you see and talk to your dog everyday, you might not know what would excite them during the holidays. Treats and toys are nice, but you’ve probably already built them up a nice collection already. That’s why we’re here with a few ideas you might have not considered before.

Personalized Collar

A personalized collar can make a great holiday gift for your dog. Most pet stores have a machine or service that will engrave a tag for your dog’s collar, but personalizing the collar itself is a little more special for them. Normally, you can pick out different colors or designs. You can even add a name or phone number to the collar to make sure they are safe if they get lost.

Special Clothing

Many families like to get matching pajamas for the holidays. Why not get a matching pair for your dog as well? There are many online stores that will sell pajamas that are meant for dogs. Some of these retailers actually specialize in selling pajamas to match your own.

If pajamas are not your thing, most pet stores will carry regular clothing for dogs. Most of these styles are meant to keep a dog warm during cold months, but they can also be a nice festive touch during the holidays. They are fun things to wear for holiday photos, too!

Oversized Bed

The holiday season is upon us and that usually means colder weather has also moved in. Since the cold is here, you might be tempted to get comfy with some blankets. Your dog would probably love to get warm and cozy too. An oversized bed or pillow can be the perfect gift to help your dog weather the cold this winter.


If you’ve never heard of it before, a thundershirt is a tool you can use to help anxious dogs. It’s not like a typical shirt though. You put it on your dog and use velcro straps to tighten the shirt (but not too tight) around their belly and chest. This pressure actually helps to calm anxious dogs. If your dog gets nervous when guests come over or when there are loud noises outside, a Thundershirt might be the best gift of the season.

Dog DNA Test

There are many companies that exist today that can tell you about your dog’s ancestral past. These ancestry kits are the solution if you adopted a dog and are not exactly sure what breed they may be. Knowing your dog’s breed can help give you an idea of what medical conditions you should keep an eye on in the future.

Doggie Sofa

It’s not quite a bed, but your dog will certainly get a lot of time sleeping on a mini sofa. There are many retailers online that sell furniture that is sized for your dog. If you have the room for a dog sized chaise, it can make a comfy spot for your dog and a lovely accent in your home.

Automatic Feeder or Fountain

These are nothing new, but an automatic feeder or water bowl make your life a little easier and your dog’s schedule a little more consistent. Automatic feeders can typically be set to release food at a given time. This means you’ll never end up forgetting your dog’s mealtime. The automatic feeder will take care of that for you.

New Chew Toys

Something for your dog to chew on might not be the most inspiring gift, but it’s sure useful. Dogs get bored of the same old routine just like people. This is why you should try to change things up once in a while. Getting your dog a few new chew toys is exactly what they need to add a little more excitement to their life. Rotate out old toys when you give them their new toys and you’ll be able to “gift” the old toys back to them at a later time.

While we compiled a small list to get your holiday ideas flowing, there are so many different gifts that your dog would likely enjoy. Really they are just happy to spend time with you.

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