5 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for You and Your Dog

New Years’ is a time to reflect on how you’ve grown during the last year or where you might want to improve. A lot of people decide they should be hitting the gym or taking up a new hobby. But why not set some goals with your dog in mind too?

5 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for You and Your Dog

A new year could mean a new you. And why not bring your dog along with you? Looking back at the previous year and seeing where you can improve yourself is a great way to feel better about your accomplishments while also keeping in mind what you think you should be working harder on.

It’s not always easy to look at your behavior in an objective way and where you are falling short, but we’ve put together a few ideas that are common areas of improvement.

Get, and Stay Active

If you’re feeling that the holiday season hasn’t been kind to your beltline, you might consider getting more active. It’s sometimes harder to get healthy and active in the middle of winter, but you can do so much that doesn’t require you going outdoors. And you can incorporate your dog into your routine.

Play some tug-of-war with them. This can give you a great arm workout as you pull and throw. Your dog will love the time spent playing and they’ll also love to get their energy out as well. You can also work on teaching your dog a few more skills to stay active.

If you do like being outside in the winter, you should try these activities:

  • Set up a scavenger hunt in the back yard with their favorite toys
  • Have your dog pull a sled using proper safety equipment
  • Go for a run or lively walk

Getting outdoors can help keep you and your dog active even in cold weather.

Get Ahead of Your Health

Oftentimes we feel a pain or soreness in our bodies but choose to ignore it. Going to the doctor is just so inconvenient sometimes!

While this though is very common, it’s not good to put off your health. This year make the commitment to yourself and your pet to get ahead of your health. Stop putting off routine visits. These visits are meant to assess your current health and find places where you may be lacking. You can also catch some issues before they become larger problems.

While you’re making appointments for yourself, be sure to bring Fido into the vet too. Dogs should have at least yearly vet visits depending on their age. This year, be sure to make and keep your wellness visits.

Spend More Time Playing

With how fast life has become, we sometimes don’t take enough time to just stop and have some fun. Your dog is always up to the task though.

If you’re having trouble slowing down, consider putting your phone in airplane mode or turning it off completely for an hour or so. This can provide you with a distraction free playtime. It might be stressful at first to not have your phone accessible, but less screen time overall can help reduce stress.

Have a Healthier Diet

After a hard day at work, one of the last things you want to do is cook. You might have difficulty sticking to it, but try committing to cooking more meals at home. Overall, homemade meals are better for you and more nutritious.

While you’ve got the stove on, why not do some cooking for your dog as well? If you’re not much of a chef, homemade dog biscuits are an easy place to start. You can then work your way up to cooking your dog’s actual food rather than relying on the bagged stuff.

Clean Your Room

People sometimes have the tendency to let things pile up. There might be a pile of bills on your desk that you’re supposed to catch up on. Or maybe the sink is overflowing with old dishes that you’ve been too tired to get to.

These things happen, but this year you should commit to cleaning up. Not only does cleaning your physical space make things look tidier, but it helps to reduce the stress that comes with knowing you have more work to do.

Cleaning your physical space can also do wonders for your mental space. How are you going to work when your desk is covered with papers? The clutter around you will clutter your mind and break your focus. By cleaning your physical space, you can free your mind to focus on the tasks at hand.

Be sure to help your dog as well by cleaning up their space. If they have toys everywhere or they’ve dragged their blankets onto the floor, help them maintain their space. This can also be a great way to boost their disciple if you train them to clean up their own toys.

Keep Tabs to Mark Success

It’s easy to say, “I’m doing a lot better” or “I’m spending less money,” but the only way to know if that’s true is to actually mark milestones. If you’re trying to get more active, actually keep track. Are you working out more days per week than you were last year? Are your workouts lasting longer than they were previously? Whatever you consider as being “more,” it’s important to write it down and actually stick to it.

The same goes when you’re trying to relax. It’s easy to take a seat on the couch with your dog and call that relaxing. But what are you actually doing to relax? Are you trying to meditate? Are you getting a massage? What are you actively doing to relax with your pet?

By actually committing to writing your journey down, you are committing to making real goals with measurable results.

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