When’s the Best Time to Buy a Dog?

Getting a dog is a big decision. You might be tempted to run out and grab a new dog before you’ve given it some thought. When is the best time to buy a dog? There are some things to consider before jumping into this challenging yet rewarding responsibility.

How to Pick the Best Dog for You

Picking the right dog for you mostly comes down to two things: space and lifestyle. If you don’t have enough space for your dog, they likely won’t be happy. And if your lifestyle doesn’t mesh with the dog’s energy, they’ll have trouble adapting and thriving.


Even the smallest dog needs some space to make a home. We’re not talking about the physical space they take up on your couch, we’re talking about the space a dog will take up in your home and your life. Dogs can come with a lot of equipment.

Some things you should consider purchasing before buying your first dog are:

  • A crate
  • A baby gate
  • Blankets and a bed
  • Doggy pads
  • Chewy toys
  • Food and water bowls

These items will make your dog much more comfortable and will keep them entertained. But also consider where you’ll be storing your dog’s stuff. Where will all their chew toys go? Where are you going to be storing their food? If you don’t consider the physical space having a dog will take, you may be complicating your life.


You also need to consider the kind of lifestyle you have before buying a dog. Are you a very active person? Do you like going out for long runs, or would you rather spend time in the garden? These are things you should be asking yourself before getting a dog.

What breed is going to fit into your life best? A small dog might be best if you know you don’t have a very high activity level. Smaller dogs can play out in a backyard and get their energy out with short walks. If you like to spend your time outdoors, you may be able to get a dog that has a much higher energy level.

When’s the Best Time to Buy a Dog?

If you’re considering the best time to get a new dog, there really isn’t a “best” time. If you’ve done deep thinking on it and still want to buy a dog, go for it. But getting a new dog is a big step, and you’ll want to be there to help transition the dog into your family. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take a break from work for those first few days of the new dog’s arrival. If you can’t take a large block of time off, work with your other family members to set your dog into a good schedule.

Depending on your new dog’s age, you’ll probably find getting a dog in the spring or summer to be easiest. House training a dog is difficult enough, but it only gets harder if it’s snowing outside. Puppies are even more affected by cold weather as well. Being able to spend large stretches of time outside will make it easier to house train a new dog.

So the best time to get a dog is the time you decide you’re ready to get one. Getting a dog when it’s warm out will make getting a new dog easier, but you can add a dog to your family at any time.

Preparing for a New Dog

Once you decide you’re ready to get a new dog, you should do some thinking about how the dog will fit into your life. Who is going to be responsible for taking care of the dog? Who will be feeding them? What kind of schedule will they have? Where will all their things go?

If you don’t think about how you will prepare your home for a new dog, you’ll likely have a harder time getting used to having a pet. The more planning you can do beforehand, the better prepared you’ll be once a dog arrives.

Of course, a dog is a living creature, so even your best plans might need to change. Remember to be flexible with your dog. They do thrive in structure but allow yourself to be open and receptive to your dog’s unique personality.

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