2021 Checklist for Taking Your Dog on Vacation

Do you love traveling with your furry friend? If so, then you will want to use this checklist before taking off on vacation! Not only is it important to do research about the place that you are visiting, but also to make sure that your dog has all their necessary vaccinations before leaving. This article includes a list of things for people to think about when they have a pet and are planning on going on vacation: from what type of food they should bring, and how to make sure your dog stays safe while on vacation. It is easy enough for any person who loves their pup as much as we do!

Pack Your Dog’s Food and Bowls

Pack your dog’s food and bowls. Make sure you have a plan for how to store the food while you are on vacation, too! For example, if you are taking dry kibble with water in bottled containers, then make sure there is enough room in the car for it all plus extra space for belongings or people/pets.

Packing your dog’s normal food and water bowl can be a challenge for many vacations, so we have an idea. Consider using these silicone collapsible bowls to help you stay organized on your next trip!

Bring a Leash and an ID Tag for Your Pup

To ensure your dog’s safety and your own peace of mind, bring a leash and ID tag for your pup! If you will be driving with them onboard, then make sure they are in a carrier.

A leash is necessary in most places to keep your pup safe. A dog should only be walked on a leash when supervised by an adult, and never left unattended outside of home or car.

ID tags are not just for pets that get lost! They provide essential information about the pet in case they become separated from their person.

In addition to these important items, remember to bring vaccination records, a microchip, vet records, and any medications your pup might need.

Make Sure You Have Enough Poop Bags to Last the Duration of Your Trip

While on vacation, your dog will still have to do their normal business. As a responsible owner, you need to make sure that your pup can do its business in an appropriate place. A great way to keep track of the amount of poop bags you have is by counting them out and marking them off as they are used to make sure you do not run out.

In addition to poop bags, here is a list of things you might forget but should bring with you on vacation:

  • Toys
  • Rawhides/Chewies
  • Toothbrushes
  • Blanket or Bed

Bring a Travel Crate if You’re Going on an Airplane or in a Car

If you are going to be taking a car or an airplane ride with your pup, make sure that they have their own travel crate. Airlines require that all pets traveling in the cabin are contained and not loose while airborne. Your dog’s carrier should also allow them enough room for comfort as well as ventilation so that they do not get overheated.

Brush Up on the Rules for Traveling with Pets at Different Destinations

Every destination is different, so make sure you check in with your vet and do some research on the regulations for traveling to the destination that you are going to.

Some locations have different vaccination rules, for example.

Try to Keep a Routine While on Your Vacation

Travel can disrupt your pet’s routine, so it might be wise to try and keep the same schedule as much as possible. This could include feeding them at certain times or going out for walks around a particular time every day of the week.

If you do not attempt to keep a routine, your pet might have a harder time adjusting to the new environment.

Have Fun!

Traveling with your dog does not have to be a chore. If you are going to a place that allows dogs, take time and enjoy the sights. Bring things for your pet like food, treats, or toys! Check out the local spots that allow dogs and make those your go-to places while on your trip. Have fun!

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