The American Bobtail Cat

Affectionate and extremely smart, the American Bobtail cat has a characteristic, primitive look to them. They are very interactive felines, which bond well with their human family. In one moment, they are busy entertaining you, and in the next, they are providing comfort to you when you are sad. Personality American Bobtails are known to […]

What Is Rimadyl for Dogs Used for?

Designed specifically for dogs, Rimadyl is the prescription medication carprofen that may be classified as an NSAID. Rimadyl is useful in treating inflammation, reducing fever, and treating pain in dogs. It is important to note that you should never give your dog NSAIDs meant for humans as this can be dangerous for your dog. What […]

Breed Spotlight: Jindo Dog

Developed as a breed in South Korea, the Jindo Dog is valued for its unparalleled loyalty. These remarkably smart canines have a propensity for hunting, performing tricks, and even agility training. This medium-sized dog makes a great companion, excellent guardian, and quiet indoor dog. The Jindo Dog has erect ears and a curled tail. Upkeep […]