A Puppy’s Life: The First Month

From birth to one or two weeks, not very much is happening with a newborn puppy. They can’t see, hear, or even get up on their feet. The difference between one week and one month is huge though. They make significant developmental and physical growth during this time period. Physical Growth During the First Month […]

Bringing Your Dog Home from the Breeder or Adoption Center

Bringing your new dog from the breeder or adoption center is exciting and a little stressful. It’s a bit like new parents bringing home a new-born baby. You’ll be home along with your pup and expected to care for them from that moment forward with very little support. If you’re a new dog owner, here’s […]

5 Cold Weather Sports for Dogs

Just because cold weather has moved in doesn’t mean you and your dog can’t enjoy the outdoors. There are many activities you can do outdoors with your pup. Here are our must-try suggestions of cold weather sports for dogs. Must-Try Cold Weather Sports for Dogs Snowshoeing Snowshoeing gives you both a great workout. You’ll need […]