The American Bobtail Cat

Affectionate and extremely smart, the American Bobtail cat has a characteristic, primitive look to them. They are very interactive felines, which bond well with their human family. In one moment, they are busy entertaining you, and in the next, they are providing comfort to you when you are sad.


American Bobtails are known to love to play games such as fetch or hide and go seek, which they often initiate with their owners. They enjoy carrying their toys in their mouths as if they have just caught their prey and are showing it off. Although the American Bobtail is relatively quiet, when they become excited, they may click and chirp.

They are easy to train to walk on a leash, so you can enjoy showing off your exotic cat to your neighbors. An easy-going breed, they get along with most canines and guests who come over to your house.

The main thing to know is that though they have a wild look to them, they don’t have a wild temperament. They are often referred to as the “golden retriever” of cat breeds, because of their friendly and affectionate personalities.


Developed by natural selection, the American Bobtail is medium to large with a rectangular body. As the name suggests, their tails are short and stubby. It is about 1/3 the length of a regular cat’s tail. No two of their tails are exactly the same. However, they are generally 1-4 inches in length.

Its distinctive tail, along with its other physical characteristics makes it resemble a bobtailed wildcat. It has a muscular, athletic appearance, a natural hunting gaze, and is fairly heavy in stature. It has large, almond-shaped, deep-set eyes.

Born in a variety of different colors and patterns, the American Bobtail takes 2-3 years to reach adult size. It may have either a dense shorthair coat or a medium longhair coat.


A strong and healthy breed, American Bobtails do not have any genetic predisposition to health problems of any kind. The foundation breed of the American Bobtail was simply feral domestic cats who had a natural bobtail. Breeders from across the country met up to produce this breed that we know today as the American Bobtail.  

What It Needs

The American Bobtail Cat has a lot of love to give you and needs a lot of love in return. If you work a lot and are rarely ever home, your American Bobcat isn’t likely to be a very happy cat. They require almost constant affection.

It needs is the occasional bath and regular brushing, as they do have a tendency to shed excessively. Regularly trim your cat’s nails and clean their ears as well.

The American Bobtail doesn’t require a lot of exercise, but one-on-one play and interactive toys will provide ample stimulation to their body and mind.

Acquiring an American Bobtail Cat

A relatively uncommon breed, you can expect to pay anywhere from $600-$1200 from a reputable breeder for this rare and beautiful feline.

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