Holiday Road Travel Tips With Your Pets

With the holidays right around the corner, many of us will be hitting the road, and have already made the decision to bring our furry friends along with us on our travels. Going to grandma’s house with your pets doesn’t have to be stressful, providing you plan ahead to keep them safe and as comfortable as possible. Let’s take a look at several things you need to think about so that you have a great journey ahead.

Identify Your Pet

Before heading out, be sure that your pet has its ID tag affixed to its collar, and make sure the tag contains your current cellphone number on it. Having your pet microchipped is the best way to ensure that if you ever get separated, you will hopefully be able to have a happy reunion.

Get Organized

Before you leave home, logically you will need to gather everything you need for your pets. This should include its vaccination documents and health records. Other than their food, water, bowls, and poop bags, bring extras to keep your dog comfortable and entertained such as toys, food puzzles, and a blanket.

Safety First

You should never allow your dog or cat to roam freely throughout your vehicle while you are driving. If you have to stop quickly, your pet could go flying at the windshield. Your pet is not safe if you keep them sitting on your lap either.

You should have a crate for your cat or dog or keep your dog restrained in a special pet seatbelt for their safety. Also, no matter how much your dog enjoys sticking their head out of the window, the American Humane Society warns to not let them do it, as dangerous objects could fly into their eyes or at their heads.

Do Your Research

If you are going to need to stay in a hotel while you are traveling, be sure to make your reservations at a pet-friendly location ahead of time if at all possible. No one wants to be stuck with no place to stay on Christmas Eve. Be prepared to pay extra fees and deposits. Do your research ahead of time and look for pet-friendly hotels along the way and you won’t be singing the blues this holiday season.

Don’t Rush It

Keep in mind that wherever you are headed, it is going to take you longer to get there when your pets come along with you. Your dog is going to need to relieve itself, as well and get out and stretch its legs and get some much-needed exercise every now and then. Don’t torture your precious pooch by making it sit still for 10 hours straight.

Final Thought

It should go without saying that while traveling, you should never leave your pet unattended in your vehicle, even for a moment this holiday season. Cold weather can be just as brutal as hot weather to pets. Also, a stranger might take notice of your beautiful animal and be tempted to steal your pet from you. Treating your pet like the beloved member of your family that they are will help keep them safe and sound.

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