How to Entertain Your Indoor Cat


Do you ever see your indoor cat looking out the window, longing for the amusement of the outside world? It is not uncommon for cats who spend all day indoors by themselves to grow bored of the situation. Though they are kept safe from all the potential dangers that may present themselves if they make it out the front door, your inside kitty may become a bit melancholy if you don’t give them something to do. Scratching your furniture may become their favorite pastime if you let it. Let’s take a look at several different ways you can entertain your indoor cat. 

Have Several Cat Toys Available

Provide your cat with a small cardboard box full of cat toys for him or her to enjoy. However, cats are very particular with which toys they will play with, so pay attention to the type of toy that your cat enjoys.

Perhaps try different varieties of feathers, mice, balls, and interactive toys to see which style your cat prefers. It is a good idea to switch out the toys periodically so that they don’t lose interest. Don’t forget to engage with your cat and play with their toys when your time allows.

Provide Your Cat with a Window View

Cats will spend hours simply staring out the window and watching the world go by. Whether they are birdwatching, wishing they could chase a squirrel, or just watching the happenings of the weather, cats love to be in touch with the outside world.

Make sure that when you leave for the day that your cat has access to rooms with windows. Taking this a step further, why not attach a kitty hammock to the window or provide a perch so that your cat can comfortably reside there?

Spoil Your Kitty with Cat Furniture

Everyone knows how cats love to climb. They love to be up high, so providing them with a cat tower that reaches up to the sky is sure to make your cat happy. Most cat towers have holes for your cat to nest in, so they double as a great place for taking a cat nap. Scratching surfaces are commonly included on cat furniture, so it may help save your fancy stuff from getting clawed.

Leave a Few Cardboard Boxes Laying Around

You may find that when you buy your cat toys, it enjoys the box that it came in more than it enjoys the toy itself. That is very common with cats! Cats love boxes for several reasons. If you have a shoebox, for example, you may notice your cat likes to stuff itself inside of the box and stay there. Your cat does this because it enjoys confined, enclosed spaces. They feel safe and comfortable inside. Boxes are also a great place for a cat to run and hide when they feel stressed out. In addition to this, the cardboard keeps them warm.

Cardboard boxes are all about texture. They are the perfect material for your cat to bite and scratch at. To your cat, a simple cardboard box is an interesting toy that just might keep them occupied for days at a time.

Adopt Them a Kitty Companion

Getting your cat a companion is a great way to keep him or her entertained, providing that your cat is still fairly young and tends to get along with other cats. Adopting a cat saves a life, and will provide your cat with a buddy to pal around with at the same time!



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