Do Dogs Cry Tears?

If there is one thing that we know for certain, is that dogs do feel emotions. Joy, fear, and sadness are all a part of the gamut of feelings that dogs are able to experience as a part of their life. Another fact is that dogs do have tear ducts as part of their physical anatomy. A dog’s eyes do get watery from time to time, but the question is, do dogs cry tears? 

Can Dogs Cry?

According to the AKC, even though dogs are equipped with the emotions and the equipment to shed tears, dogs do not cry tears as humans do. There isn’t a connection between a dog’s brain and its tear ducts. Instead, dogs express their needs and wants vocally. They may whine or whimper in order to get your attention or receive what they want. Though this behavior starts as a puppy, this often carries into adulthood.

My Dog Appears to Be Crying

If you look at your dog and he or she appears to be crying, here are the possibilities of what may be going on:

  • Allergies: Something may be triggering your dog’s allergies and making its eyes water. Pollen, smoke, dust, or dander may be the culprit. 
  • Eye Infection: A blocked tear duct can actually cause wetness and irritation in your dog’s eyes.
  • Dirt: A simple speck of dirt in your dog’s eye can cause it to water. 
  • Scratched cornea: A very common occurrence in active dogs, a scratched cornea may also cause your dog to paw at their eye. 

Dogs and Compassion

Recent studies have shown that compassion for humans is hardwired into a dog’s very nature. For example, if your dog sees you crying, most dogs will do their very best to comfort you and make you feel better. Dogs have the ability to pick up on human emotions, whether they are negative or positive. Taking this further, if their owner is in distress, dogs do whatever they can to try and rescue them. This is just one of the many reasons why dogs have wholeheartedly earned the title of man’s best friend. 


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