Why Does My Dog Stink?

Does your dog have a foul odor that follows them wherever they go? More than just a little “doggie smell” that is common for a dog’s skin to have, an odorous stench will have you asking, “Why does my dog stink?” Let’s take a minute to get to the bottom of several different reasons why your dog might be emanating a smell from his or her body.

Where to Begin

If your dog smells bad all the time, go ahead and schedule an appointment with their veterinarian. This needs to be done in order to make sure your dog doesn’t have a medical condition that is causing the odor. For instance, when a dog smells bad, this can be a warning sign of a yeast or bacterial infection, parasites, parvovirus, a UTI, or even cancer.

Your Dog’s Breath

When your dog comes over to give you a sloppy kiss, is the smell too much for you to handle? Perhaps it is because many dogs develop periodontal disease due to a lack of care. Preventing gum disease in dogs is essential so that toxins from the dog’s mouth don’t spread to the rest of their body and cause illness.

Brushing your dog’s teeth daily with a little bit of toothpaste designed just for dogs is just what the doctor ordered. You also might want to try pet water additives that are sold as breath fresheners. These are meant to enhance digestive health by adding minerals, probiotics, or elements believed to help stop tartar from building up.

Ears That Smell Bad

If your dog has an ear infection, other than causing pain for your dog, it can make their ears smell bad too. Having your dog checked for an ear infection is the right place to start. Next, cleaning out your dog’s ears with a clean and safe ear rinse will help stop them from smelling bad.

Stop bacteria and yeast from overgrowing by washing out your dog’s ears frequently with this natural rinse. Whole Dog Journal recommends combining ¾ cup witch hazel, 1 tablespoon powdered boric acid, ¼ aloe vera juice, and 1/8 teaspoon lavender essential oil. Shake well and apply.

Leaking Anal Glands

If your dog’s anal glands are leaking, this can leave behind a disgusting telltale odor. Dogs with this problem tend to bite or lick their rear ends, trying to relieve the pain and discomfort of the situation. Dogs that are overweight, sedentary, or are simply of a small breed tend to have this problem more than others. To remedy this stinky situation, you can have their anal glands expressed, by either their veterinarian or groomer. This involves pressing on both sides of the glands to release their contents. Whether or not you choose to have this done, you can try feeding your dog more fiber to see if this helps in the future.

Gassy Dog

If you have a seriously gassy dog on your hands, there could be several reasons. It may be a result of food sensitivities, irritable bowel syndrome, parasites, or some other reason why the inflammation is occurring.

Your vet may recommend things like choosing better protein sources, reducing carbohydrates in your dog’s diet, and staying away from soy, corn wheat, and dairy. Try adding probiotics and enzymes to your dog’s diet to enhance digestion and reduce gassiness.

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