Fall Dog Grooming Checklist


With the dog days of summer behind us, it is time to take a careful look at your canine. Take note of any areas on his body that may need some attention. Whether your dog’s paws are looking rough or your dog’s skin has been ravished by the sun and insects, fall is the right time to get your dog’s grooming back in order. Let’s take a look at this quick grooming checklist to get your dog looking and feeling his best.

1. Heal Your Dog’s Damaged Paws

Think about all of the summer adventures you have had with your dog. Did you go to the beach? If so, then his paws were walking on hot sand. If you take your dog on daily walks, is it on asphalt or hot sidewalks? Situations such as these or rocky ground can cause your dog’s paws to become chapped or cracked.

The AKC recommends using petroleum jelly to soften and heal your dog’s paws. However, an excellent natural alternative to this is coconut oil.

Should your dog’s paw be cracked or bleeding, apply antibiotic ointment and wrap the paw with gauze. Go ahead and head to the veterinarian, as in cases such as these, the vet will need to treat the injury.  

2. Bathe Your Dog Weekly

As the seasons change, so do the allergic irritants in the air, and therefore on your dog’s coat. They can cause your dog to develop a skin rash. To help stop this from happening, bathe your dog once a week at least with a hypoallergic dog shampoo.

3. Repair the Condition of Your Dog’s Coat

If your canine has spent a lot of time out in the sun over the summer, it could have become damaging to their skin and coat. Here is what to do to remedy this.

  • Brush your dog’s coat, and keep brushing. This helps to remove all of the dead hair from your dog’s coat. Autumn is the time when your dog begins to shed his summer coat to make room for his winter coat. As a bonus, while you are brushing, the dog’s natural skin oils will give his coat a healthy shine.
  • Using a color shampoo on your dog’s coat will restore any color that bleached out because of the sunlight. There is a black shampoo for darker coats and a whitening shampoo for lighter ones.
  • Applying a conditioner or coat spray can add a level of luster that can make your dog’s coat look richer.
  • Along with feeding your dog high-quality dog food, consider giving them fish oil supplements made for dogs. Not only is fish oil known for its heart-healthy omegas, it will make your dog’s coat really shine.


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