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At eXtreme Dog Doors, we believe that your dog door should be strong and feature-rich. Some dog doors are made of thin plastic that can barely hold up to one year of use. That’s not the eXtreme Dog Door way. Our tough-built dog doors can handle the outdoors, and we guarantee it with a five-year warranty.

Watch your dog’s personality flourish. The freedom to decide when they enter and exit your home can help relieve anxiety, boredom, frustration and depression. Give your dog the quality of life they deserve!

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Our dog doors feature:
  • Tough construction – All our dog door frames are made of handsomely painted aluminum. It makes a great compliment to your existing exterior door. The aluminum also does not wear out in the cold, wind or rain. Our frames are guaranteed to last.
  • A reliable but flexible dog door – All our dog doors are made of polyolefin-based polymer. This material is often used in food storage, including many reusable water bottles. So, you know it’s completely non-toxic and safe to be in contact with your dog. The material also is recyclable and stays flexible even in cold temperatures. Your dog will never struggle to try pushing a frozen dog door again.
  • Dual door design – Polyolefin based polymer insulates very well, and two doors insulate even better! Our dual door design insulates as well as a sheet of dual-pane glass. Keep your home warm while still providing your dog the freedom they want.
  • A sliding security panel for your peace of mind – Our sliding security panel means you’ll be able to lock the dog door tight and not worry about unwanted guests coming in. It’s excellent for providing you security at night or when you’ll be away from the house for extended periods. Slide the panel in and lock the two side tabs.
  • Easy installation – Our dog doors are straightforward to install. Only a few tools will be necessary, and installation can be done in under an hour.

All eXtreme Dog Doors are made of the very best materials. We use an all-metal frame to ensure your dog door only needs to be installed once. Cheaply made plastic frames can crack and fall apart after being hit with extreme weather or the sun’s harmful UV rays. Our frames only need to be put in once and provide superior staying power.

The same can be said of our dog doors. Our polyolefin-based polymer doors stay flexible even when temperatures drop. You’ll never have to worry about our doors cracking in cold weather.

Our dual door design helps keep the cold and wet weather out even more than our single door design. The magnetic locking sides and bottom help ensure your dog door seals fully and provide excellent insulation.

Small Dog Door Dimensions

Our customers tell us that the eXtreme Dog Door is the perfect companion to our eXtreme Dog Fence kits as well. Your dog can have the freedom to choose when they go out or come in. The eXtreme Dog Fence also provides you with the security of knowing your dog is staying within your designated boundary.

This dog door also locks using our included sliding panel. You can secure your dog door at night or when you leave the house. This provides you with the security of knowing that no pests will be able to enter your home.

You can trust that eXtreme Dog Doors will give you the best dog door possible.

This SMALL eXtreme weather pet door dimensions are:

  • Entry / Flap = 6 5/8″ Wide x 9 1/2″ High
  • Overall = 9 15/16″ Wide x 13 7/16″ High (from 1 1/4″ to 2 1/4″ deep)

Enhance your dog’s and your own quality of life with an eXtreme weather dog door, TODAY!!!

Flap Installation

Please use provided screws and L shaped screw driver.
Flap Installation - Step 01

Step 1

Locate the screws that are at the top of the interior side of the flap and loosen them.

Flap Installation - Step 02

Step 2

Remove the old flap.

Flap Installation - Step 03

Step 3

Now you can insert the new flap, making sure that you can read the logo.

Flap Installation - Step 04

Step 4

Tighten the screws clockwise.

* If you have a double flap door, you will have to lift the other flap first.

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Dog Door Instructions

Dog Door Manual - English

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Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 14 × 3 in


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