How to Choose the Best Groomer for Your Dog

Unless you know how to groom your own dog, finding the right dog groomer is just one of the many tasks of being a responsible pet owner. After all, you want a groomer that makes your dog look great, and keeps them comfortable while doing so. The first step in finding an excellent groomer is to ask around. Recommendations from friends and family are always a great place to begin.

After you have gathered a few places you want to check out, don’t feel bad about wanting to check them out in person to get a feel for the situation. Here are a few questions that you need not be shy about asking them.

1. Can I See Your Shop?

Seeing where your dog will be firsthand will give you the best idea if they are going to be happy in their surroundings. Does everything look in order and does it smell okay? The workstations should be clean and tidy. The tables should be sturdy and the tubs clean. Would you feel comfortable leaving your dog in this place?

2. What Services Do You Provide?

Logically, a groomer will shampoo, brush and clip your dog’s hair, but see what other services are included. Some will clean your dog’s ears and teeth and will make you aware of any skin infections that may be present.

3. Am I Allowed to Watch You Groom My Dog?

As your dog’s owner, you naturally may want to hang around at least for the first time and watch your dog being groomed. Your potential groomer should have no problem letting you do that. It’s also good to know how your dog is going to act the next time you decide not to come along.

4. Are You Experienced With My Dog’s Breed?

Some breeds, such as poodles for example have particular grooming requirements. There is nothing wrong with asking if the breeder has experience working with a particular breed. They should know what the breed standard is, and if they can perform the proper haircut for them.

5. What Is Your Training Background?

Simply find out where they learned to be a groomer, and how long they have been practicing. You just need to gain a sense of the groomer’s experience, knowledge, and training. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions, since it is all about your dog’s care.

6. What Is the Full Cost of My Dog’s Grooming?

Logically, you need to find out how much the total price is going to be so that you won’t be given any surprises when your dog’s grooming is over. In general, the cost of grooming varies by the size of your dog and the type of coat he or she has, in addition to what services are chosen.

Something to Consider

When searching for the right dog groomer, don’t forget the mobile dog grooming services that are out there. They come directly to your home and provide undivided attention to your pet, right in your driveway. This is particularly helpful if you have a dog with special needs. This is also a great option because you don’t have to worry about dealing with other dogs or having your dog spend time in a cage. Just keep in mind that mobile groomers may charge more than traditional grooming salons do.

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