Tips for Staying at a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Are you in the midst of planning your perfect summer vacation? If you are going to be traveling with your pets, there are some precautions you should take for making sure that you don’t run into any snags at the hotels you choose. Here are a few recommendations that will help your trip run as smoothly as possible.

Double-Check That the Hotel Is Truly Pet-Friendly

As you know, not all hotels allow pets. If you booked your hotel online and the website said it was pet-friendly, don’t just take this at face value. Take the time to contact the hotel directly by phone to confirm that this is correct.

See if they have any restrictions regarding what type of pets are welcome as well.  Perhaps the hotel allows small dogs, but not larger dogs, or not particular breeds of dogs. They might accept dogs, but not cats, or vice versa.

Be sure to get the name of the person that you spoke with who told you that your pet was welcome, and confirm your reservation while you are at it.

Find Out How Much Extra You Will Be Paying

Some hotels do not charge extra for guests that bring their pets along. On the other hand, some luxury hotels charge an exorbitant fee for pets. You might be charged a flat fee or a nightly fee.

When booking, be sure to select a pet-friendly room if the choice exists. Some hotels only allow pets in specific rooms. For this reason, booking directly over the phone with the hotel is often the easiest choice.

Come Prepared

Be sure to pack everything that your dog may need to be comfortable in the room. Although some luxury hotels may provide amenities for dogs, being prepared with essentials such as your dog’s bowls, food, treats, and bed will help your canine to feel right at home.

Inform the Front Desk That Your Dog Is with You

It is going to be obvious that you have a dog if you bring your dog to the front desk on a leash. However, your dog may be inside the car when you check into the hotel. Doing so will ensure that he or she checks you into the appropriate room. Also, at this point, the receptionist may provide you with the hotel’s list of pet policies that they may ask you to sign.

Follow the Hotel’s Pet Policies

To avoid being scolded or fined, be sure to follow the hotel’s pet policies to a T. In general, hotels require dogs to be on a leash at all times in common areas. Their pet policy may also let you know things such as where pets can and cannot go on the premises. It may direct you where to take your dog to relieve themselves, and if your dog may be left unattended in your room. Be sure to always clean up after your pet.

Keep Barking as Minimal as Possible

You can’t stop a dog from barking altogether, just like you can’t stop a baby from crying. It’s how they express themselves. Just do your best to keep your canine as quiet as possible. What you can do is ask for a top-floor room, where your dog’s barking may be less likely to disturb others. If your dog is prone to barking at outside noises, try keeping your television turned on low, so that it drowns out some of the hallway noise.


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