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Pet Doors

So you are thinking about getting a pet door? There are many reasons why it just makes sense to add one to your home.

Health Benefits

Your doggie shouldn’t have to hold it when they need to go relieve themselves, and you shouldn’t have to stop what you are doing in order to let your furry friend outdoors.

When your dog goes outside, he or she is able to get the exercise that they need. This helps your dog to stay active and healthy.

Being outdoors also provides the mental stimulation that your pet needs. This helps your pet to stay alert. In turn, your pet may be less likely to act out problem behaviors because he or she is bored.

Large eXtreme Dog Door - Dual flap

Freedom is a precious gift. Allowing your pet to go outdoors when they need may improve their confidence and attitude. They are also less likely to be as rambunctious when you arrive home at night.