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At eXtreme Dog Doors, we believe your dog door should be as unique as your home or your dog. This is why we load our dog doors with features you can’t find in other dog doors.

A dog door makes your life easier too. Have you ever had your dog bark to go outside when you’re in the middle of something important? You’ll never have to stop whatever activity you are in the middle of to let the dog out.

Giving your dog the freedom to choose when they go out or come in also helps relieve anxiety, boredom, frustration, and depression. Give your dog the best quality of life possible with an eXtreme Dog Door today.

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Our aluminum dog doors include:
  • A sturdy and rigid build – We take pride in producing one of the best dog doors you can buy. The secret to our success is in the materials we use. Some other dog doors are made of cheap plastic that can crack or fade after just one year of use. Our aluminum frame and polyolefin-based polymer flap will give you years of use.
  • A magnetic sealing flap – Not only are our flaps reliable and still flexible, but they seal your home from the outside temperatures. Each flap has magnets on the sides and bottom. This means the door seals shut after each time your dog uses the dog door. The seal has been rated to stay strong even in 50mph winds! You can be confident that you get your money’s worth with eXtreme Dog Doors.
  • A sliding security panel – Having a dog door is all about giving your dog freedom. You want to be sure your dog has the freedom to come inside or go outside as they please. But what about when you won’t be home for long periods? You won’t have to worry about unwanted guests inviting themselves in with our locking security panel. You can rest easy at night or fully relax while on vacation when you use the locking security panel.

You can relax at home knowing that your dog can go out or come in as they please.

The rugged construction on all eXtreme Dog Doors makes our dog door the best option for your medium-sized dog. Poorly made plastic dog doors can crack and fade in cold weather or the sun’s harsh UV rays. Our dog doors are made of a durable polyolefin-based polymer. This material is very strong but remains flexible even in the winter. You can trust that our dog doors won’t let you down, and we promise that with a five-year warranty period.

Medium Dog Door Dimensions

The added locking security panel will also give you the peace of mind of knowing that your dog can have the freedom they want while providing you with the knowledge that your home is safe. The locking panel can only be accessed from the inside of your home, so you can trust that none of your dog’s uninvited friends will be coming in after them.

Many of our customers also tell us that the eXtreme Dog Door is the perfect complement to our eXtreme Dog Fence kit. Once you set the boundaries of your fence, your dog not only have the freedom to come and go as they please, but they will be safely secured as well.

This MEDIUM eXtreme weather pet door dimensions are:

  • Entry / Flap = 8 3/4″ Wide x 12 1/2″ High
  • Overall = 12 1/16″ Wide x 16 7/16″ High (from 1 1/4″ to 2 1/4″ deep)

Enhance your dog’s and your own quality of life with an eXtreme weather dog door, TODAY!!!

Flap Installation

Please use provided screws and L shaped screw driver.
Flap Installation - Step 01

Step 1

Locate the screws that are at the top of the interior side of the flap and loosen them.

Flap Installation - Step 02

Step 2

Remove the old flap.

Flap Installation - Step 03

Step 3

Now you can insert the new flap, making sure that you can read the logo.

Flap Installation - Step 04

Step 4

Tighten the screws clockwise.

* If you have a double flap door, you will have to lift the other flap first.

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Dog Door Instructions

Dog Door Manual - English

Additional information

Weight 6.8 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 17 × 3 in


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